The mythology of the olive tree, which is the symbol of freedom, wisdom, happiness and satisfaction, also for a long life, you can read about it in all aspects of life, e.g. religion and history.

During the long span of growth from a seedling to a mature olive tree, a deep relationship and bond develops between the human and the tree, in which you can find peace and harmony – a present from the goddess Minerva to humans.

The BONSAI flourishes not only in nature, but also in the home. It loves warmth and light. During the warm months the ideal place is in the sun on the balcony or in the garden, however before the first frost you should bring the olive tree inside to a moderately heated room by the window.

In the summer months the soil must be moist continuously, so during the evening hours the tree is replenished. In the winter months it is not necessary to give so much water, only if it is placed near a heating system.

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